Did Count von Luckner of WW I fame have a naval command in WW II?


During WW II London Naval circles issued comments that Luckner was believed to be operating as naval combatant in the Pacific Theater.

A cousin said this was unlikely as von Luckner was in a Vienna sanitarium at the time.

Did Count von Luckner of WW I fame have a naval command in WW II?

Your comments?

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RG Steuart

Thank you for your message, no I do not believe that the Count ever had any type of Naval command in WW2. From all of my research about him, he did not play any active role with the German Navy during that conflict.

When the American army was advancing eastwards, after the Allied invasion of Europe, he did play an outstanding role in saving his home city of Halle from destruction when threatened by US bombardment. He met the US command and negotiated with them to by pass his city, which they did.

Today the von Luckner Society in Halle is trying to erect a Memorial in the Count's memory for his work in saving the city in WW2.

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Mac. Gregory.

Mac. Gregory,

Thanks for your reply.  I figured as much.  And as for Halle he did indeed save it from damage.  during the Cold War(1957-58 ) I traveled frequently thru Halle am Salle River(noted for making the Zeiss opticals) never saw any damage.  Halle was in the German East Zone then controlled by the Soviets.  The rest of East Germany, certainly the large towns & cities were rubble.  AS U may know Lowell Thomas brought the Count to the American public's attention.

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