David G Vowles and Anne Vowles were survivors of the Athenia

May 24, 2013

Both my Father David G Vowles now 83 and my Grandmother Anne Vowles who passed in 2002 at the age of 101 were survivors of the Athenia.

They were returning to London Ont Canada after Visiting family in Scotland. My father at the age of 9 was in the water covered in oil watched the ship go down along with his new Raleigh Bike which Grandma had bought for him.

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your E-Mail, lovely to hear from you.

I never cease to wonder at the number of people out there that write to me about relatives that survived the Athenia tragedy , some like  your Father who are still alive, it is quite wonderful.

Do you know what ship rescued them both? I cannot see either your Father or Grandmother in the list picked up by City of Flint  and taken to Halifax or Knute Nelson, who dropped off her load at Galway.

That leaves the British destroyers, Escort and Electra, who landed their survivors at the Clyde, and I have never found the full list of those they picked up.

If your Father would care to comment on that awful night, we will put up his story on AHOY, please give him my kindest regards.

I am now 91, and wish him many years yet to come.

Best wishes,

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