Dad was a crewman on Hospital Ship HS Leinster

Hello Mac,

having read your excellent story about the Centaur,  (Australian Hospital ship Centaur Torpedoed by Japanese Submarine) I have spent much time searching the web for more info regarding Hospital Ships.

Unfortunately there is hardly any. Even the Royal Navy WW2 website has nothing. My Dad was a crewman on HS Leinster in the Med & was present at Salerno & Anzio invasion beaches along with three other Hospital Ships. The "St David"& "Newfoundland" were both bombed & sunk by axis aircraft with large loss of life. The "St Andrew" & "Leinster" survived. I did find a very nice story at www.DarbyRangers.com entitled "The Angels of Anzio." Any info on Allied Hospital Ships would be appreciated.

Thanks....Stan Evans, Vancouver, Canada.

Thank you for your kind words, AHOY is the product of my friend and Web Master, Terry Kearns in Atlanta, Georgia, and my research and writing.
I have sent some HS sites in an earlier message.

Thank you for your help, there is much more information available than I thought. It is nice to know so many care & remember....Stan.

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