Crew names for Capt Cook's trip to Australia

Dear Mac,

I came across your site while trying to research Capt Cook's trip to Australia where he landed at Botany Bay, and was hoping you may be able to assist me.

I have been trying to find a list of the crew member's names for that voyage, but to date have been unable to find one.

The reason for my interest is that recently a family friend saw a program on TV, that he believes stated the first Englishman ashore in Australia was in fact a crewman from the Endeavour, by the name of Yarnton. Apparently he was in the original landing party with Cook and stepped ashore first to secure the landing craft.

If you could assist me in fiding out whether this was true or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Yarnton

No I do not have a crew list but will search for one, and be in touch.
When you visited Ahoy, did you find this piece?

See "Captain James Cook's Endeavour Journal 1768-71

It talks about Midshipman Isaac Smith, being first ashore.

Kind Regards, 


Here is the Endeavour crew list:

No Yarnton mentioned.

Crew of Lieutenant Cook’s Ship Endeavour, 1770.*
Giving names of those not leaving before 1770.
* The list is printed as it appears in the books of the Admiralty. The letters D. and DD. stand respectively for “discharged“ and “died.“ The list does not include the name of Mr.Weir, master’s mate, who was drowned at Madeira, on 12th September, 1768; nor that of John Bootie, midshipman, who died at sea, apparently in the early part of the year 1771.

Original list.
Endeavour bark’s complement, 70 men, began wages 25 May, 1768.

Name   Time of Discharge.

  • Comm’r, 25 May, James Cook, 1st lieut’t
  • Wim. Howson, his s’t, D.  30 Ap’l, 1770
  • John Satterly, carp’r, DD.  12 Feb., 1771
  • Edw’d Terrell, his s’t, D.  31 Aug., 1769
  • Isaac Smith† (AB. to 23 May, 1770, then mid. to 26 May, 1771, then m’r’s mate)
  • Cork, Ireland, 25, Timothy Rarden, AB. DD. (AB. to 1 Feb., 1771, then sailmaker)  24 Dec., 1770
  • Rochester, Kent, 42, Fred’k Haite, AB. DD.  1 Feb., 1771
  • Deptford, 30, Benj’n Jordan, carp’r mate, DD.  12 Feb., 1771
  • London, 22, Sam’l Jones, AB.
  • Edw’d Duggan, AB.
  • Inverness, 21, James Nicholson, AB. DD.  20 Feb., 1771
  • Arkness, 29, Forby Sutherland,‡ AB.DD.  30 Ap’l, 1770
  • Ipswich, 27, Isaac Parker (AB. to 25 Mar., 1769, then b’s mate)
  • P’r Comm’r, 26 May, Zack’y Hicks, 2nd lieut’t, DD.  25 May, 1771
  • Worcester, Sam’l Moody, AB. DD.  31 Jan., 1771
  • Cheshire, 26, Isaac Johnson, AB.
  • Inverness, 28, Rob’t Anderson (AB. to 25 Sept., 1768, then q’rmaster)
  • Henry Jeffs, AB. DD.  1 Mar., 1771
  • P’r Warr’t, John Guthrey, boats’n, DD.  4 Feb., 1771
  • Tho’s Jordan, his s’t, D.  4 Feb., 1771
  • West Enfield, Yorks’e, 19, Rd. Pickersgill, m’r’s mate, D.  15 Ap’l, 1771
  • Dailington, Durham, 27, R’t Stainsby, AB.
  • Leith, 24, Ja’s Gray (to 5 Feb., 1771, then q’rm’r)
  • P’r Warr’t, 10 June, Rob’t Taylor, arm’r, DD.  1 Aug., 1771
  • High Wycombe, Bucks, 20, W’m Collett, AB
  • P’r Warr’t, 10 June, W’m Perry, surg’n mate, D.  5 Nov., 1770
  • P’r Warr’t, 3 June, Ja’s Thompson, cook, DD.  31 Jan., 1771
  • Tho’s Matthews, his s’t, D.  31 Jan., 1771
  • P’r Warr’t, 13 June, 49, John Ravenhill,——, DD.  31 Jan., 1771
  • Hull, Yorkshire
  • Edinburgh, 39, Arch’d Wolfe, AB. DD.  20 Feb., 1771
  • Weathersfield, Essex, 27, Cha’s Clerke, m’r’s mate, D. (to 19 Aug., 1768, then AB. to 16 April, 1771, then ’r’s mate)
  • P’r Warr’t, 15 June, Stephen Forwood, gunn’r  
  • Dan’l Roberts, his s’t, DD.  30 June, 1771
  • P’r Warr’t, 17 June, Rob’t Molineux, master, DD.  15 Ap’l, 1771
  • Isaac Manley, his s’t, D.  4 Feb.—-
  • Gillingham, Dorset, 22, Matt Cox, AB.
  • Deptford, Kent, 27, Ri’d Hutchins (AB. to Sept., ’69, then b’s mate)  
  • Bristol, 38, Cha’s Williams, AB.
  • Dublin, 29, Josh Childs (AB. to 1 Feb., 1771, then cook, P’t Warr’t, 1 Feb., 1771)
  • Alex’r Simpson, AB. DD.  28 Feb., 1771
  • P’r Warr’t, 27 May, W’m Brough’m Monkhouse, surg’n, DD.  5 Nov., 1770
  • Tho’s Jones (1st), his s’t  5 Nov., 1770
  • Jo’n Monkhouse, mid., DD.  6 Feb., 1771
  • Tho’s Knight, AB.
  • Falmo’, 28, H’y Stevens, AB.
  • Bangor, Wales, 27, Tho’s Jones (2nd)
  • Pat’k Saunders, mid., (to 23 May, 1770, then AB.)  25 Dec., 1770
  • Bangor, Wales, Fran’s Wilkinson (AB. to 19 Aug., ’68, then m’s mate)  
  • Rich’d Orton Clerke  
  • Brazils, 20, John Dozey, AB. DD.  7 Ap’l, 1771
  • Blackwall, 24, James Timley, AB.
  • Deptford, Kent, 20, Mich. Littleboy, AB.
  • George Nowell (AB. to Feb., ’71, then carp’r)
  • John Goodjohn, AB.
  • John Woodworth, AB. DD.  24 Dec., 1770
  • P’r Comm’r, 20 July, John Gore, 3rd lieut.  
    P’r do., 26 May, 1771, to 26 May, ’71, then 2nd lieut. Nath’l Morey, his s’t.
  • Enoth, N’thhamptons’e, 21, W’m Peckover, AB.
  • New York, Ja’s Magoa (AB. to 27 May, 1771, then mid.)
  • Deptf’d, Kent, 25, R’t Littleboy
  • P’r Warr’t, 5 Feb., 1771, Sam’l Evans (q’rm’r to 5 Feb.,  ’71 then boats’n)
  • Widows Man (2nd), AB.
  • Madeira, New York, 20, Jno. Thurman, AB. DD.  19 Feb., 1771James Cook.

Rob’t Molineux.

John Guthrey

N.B.—The ship sailed from Plymouth Sound 17 August, 1768, and from the Madeira 14 Sept., 1768.

List of Marines in the Endeavour.

John Edgcombe, serg’t; Jno. Trusslove, corp’l; Tho’s Rositer, dium; W’m Judge, private; H’y Paul, private; Mich’l Bremer, private, D, 19 Aug., 1768; Dan’l Preston, private; W’m Wiltshire, private; W’m Greenslade, private; Sam’l Gibson, private; Tho’s Dunster, private; Clement Webb, private; John Bowles, private.

James Cook.

Rob’t Molineux.

John Guthrey.

* The list is printed as it appears in the books of the Admiralty. The letters D. and DD. stand respectively for “discharged“ and “died.“ The list does not include the name of Mr. Weir, master’s mate, who was drowned at Madeira, on 12th September, 1768; nor that of John Bootie, midshipman, who died at sea, apparently in the early part of the year 1771.

† Isaac Smith, a relative of Cook’s wife. He accompanied Cook in his second voyage. He was after wards raised to the rank of Admiral.

‡ Bennett, in his History of Discovery and Colonisation, p. 74. gives publicity to a rumour to the effect that Sutherland—after whom Point Sutherland, in Botany Bay, was named—died from wounds received from the natives, although further reference will show that he died of consumption.


Dear Mac,

thank you very much for the information that you sent to me.

Unfortunately it looks like our family friend got his wires crossed, in respect to the television program he saw and we have no claim to fame as was hoped.

Thanks once again for your assistance.

Paul Yarnton


I am just sorry that the crew list did not fulfil your expectations.


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