Cpt HK Taylor, served at Garden Island with Bob Quinn who wrote about Welfreighter mini-subs

January 28, 2011

Dear Mr Gregory, 

I have just read your blog on the internet, My father was Cpt HK Taylor, who served at Garden Island, I noticed that you have made contact with Mr Bob Quinn (re the above and I see that Bob served with my father, I would love to talk to him regarding my father, to this end would it be possible if you could contact him, and ask him if you could reveal his address or e-mail to you or me, I would be very grateful, it would tie up a lot of loose family ends, with many thanks,

With kind regards from,
Charles Taylor
Ednovean Farm.
Cornwall, England

Hello Charles,

(see "Information about Welfreighter, Bob Quinn's recollections" and "More memories from the past about the Welfreighter from Bob")

Unfortunately Bob Quinn died a few years ago, and we thus have lost a unique character.

Kindest Regards,

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