Count Felix von Luckner certainly sailed in Pinmore in 1902, Jack Johns sailed on the Pinmore

April 14, 2013

Dear Mac

In the book written by Lowell Thomas it states that Von Luckner was on the Pinmore under the title of Phelax Leudige.

My Father Jack Johns a young Welshman sailed on the Pinmore and was a prisoner on the Seeadler. He always said Von Luckner had sailed on the Pinmore

Regards Gwen Batchelor ( Johns)


Count Felix von Luckner certainly sailed in Pinmore in 1902:

See this extract from my AHOY site:

Ten days later Seeadler sighted a four masted barque which immediately crammed on more sail, and started to draw away from the German, but now aided by the diesel auxiliary engine which was in working order again, the Raider commenced to gain on her target. When ordered to state her name, this ship responded with Pinmore, she was a 2,431 ton ship, her cargo, grain, her Captain, James Mullen.

This British ship built on the Clyde in 1882 and registered in Greenock, Scotland, and now owned by Tridonic Limited, had, by coincidence been home for von Luckner, back in 1902 during his merchant ship days.

The German Captain now took Pinmore into Rio de Janeiro for supplies, and according to his memoirs, he bandaged up his hand, so that he could avoid having to sign any customs documents as Captain Mullen.

Mackenzie Gregory

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