Count Felix Von Luckner / Paul H. Hoeft

Good Evening:

I came across your site lookin up a few things. Intersting enough today we visited Rogers City Michigan, we live in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and it all came back to me about Paul Hoeft and his Yacht Topaz.

As to Von Luckner he was aboard Eugene McDonalds yacht as a guest and I believe that is the correct year as recorded in our cottage register and I know Von Luckner signed the guest book. My mother's family summered for years at Baie Finn in the Georgian Bay and McDonald was a regular caller on my Grandfather, they had met many years before in McGregor Bay when one or the other pulled each other off of a rock.

The Topaz was a regular caller with them also and the name Paul Hoeft was a common name over the years. Our cottage register shows the Topaz as a regular visitor several times a year from the 1920's to the 1940's. Most interesting to read of the Count visiting the Hoeft Yacht in Little Current but I  believe that year he was travelling with McDonald.

I can check a little later when we reopen the cottage. I have in my possession a copy of a log book from the Topaz from he late 1920's when my mother was a guest on board and she is noted several times. I had just been in touch with a professor who had written books on McDonald and the Count. I would like to get in touch with Captain Hoefts Great Grand Daughter and if you had an address or email I should like to drop a note.

We always knew he was in trouble with the US Govt over the burning of the Topaz and in fact he had just returned from Baie Finn when he did the deed. My mother always said my aunt talked him into it telling him he would be so unhappy with the boat going into Military service. Amazing twice this week that the Count should come up on the internet that I was looking at. Cheers from Canada Clark Hooton

Nice to hear from you.
I am continually suprised at the interest in the Count, particularly at this distance in time.
Of course, in May it is the 60th. anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe, and Von Luckner was instrumental in saving the German city of Halle from destruction by the onrushing US forces. Are you aware of the Von Luckner Society in that city? formed to raise funds and erect a Memorial to the Count's memory, and his work  
to get the Americans to spare Halle in 1945. Here is the URL:
I am afraid that I did not keep Linda's ( Paul's Great Grand Daughter ) address, at the time I culled some of my many E-Mail addresses, and her one suffered that fate.
I have now stopped that practice, as I am so often asked for such an address, sorry.
We always enjoy a visit to your country.
Best regards, 
Mac. Gregory.

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