Corrections: French Submarine SURCOUF, the World's largest Submarine

Dear Sir:

While reading "French Submarine Surcouf, the World's largest Submarine before WW2,"  I noticed a couple of "glitches."

!. Page 4 - Caption under photo of pier at Cherbourg states a "loss of 120 sailors."

2. Page 5 - Caption under photo of SURCOUF memorial on the end of the small jetty at Cherbourg.........." states:
"The plaque carrying the 120 names of those who died......

The number of officers and crew (including British Liaison Officers) was 130, not 120.

Check it out,

Robert F. Marble TMCS(SS) USN (Ret)
Port Charlotte, F:L (USA)

My thanks for that, I have have seen so many different reports of Surcouf's crew numbers varying from 118, up to 130.
We will amend our reports to 130.
Best wishes,
Mac. Gregory.

Hi Mac:

I got this info from CAPT. Julius Grigore, Jr. USN (Ret) who lives about 12 miles from me in Venice, Florida. He's the gentleman who researched this and had the additional name added to the Guiness World Records and the monument in Cherbourg, France.

Thanks for the rapid response,

Robert F. Marble

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