Correction: U-161 not involved with the sinking of SS Ario.

(See "George Albert Knowlton served in Ario, sunk by U-Boat U-158 off Frying Pan Shoals in WW2")


I happened across your website while researching the SS Ario. This is the only ww2 wreck that has not been located in our area. I saw in your reply to Carolyn Knowlton, a reference to it being sunk by gunfire by U-161, could you tell me where you got that info?  When the crew was interviewed, they said that they were shelled by two subs, but the battle report of the U-158 does not mention another sub, I think it is highly unlikely that there was a second sub, but it is worth looking at. Any info or links would be greatly appreciated.
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I was obviously wrong in writing about U-161 being involved with the sinking of SS Ario.

Here is a report about both U-Boatson the same day.

March 15, Sun.


United States vessels sunk:
Coast Guard lighthouse tender Acacia (WAGL-200) is shelled and sunk by German submarine U-161 south of Haiti.

Unarmed U.S. tanker Ario is torpedoed, shelled, and sunk by German submarine U-158 11 miles southwest of Cape Lookout, 34°20'N, 76°39'W. Destroyer Dupont (DD-152) rescues the 29 survivors of the 36-man crew.

My apologies, I do strive for accuracy, but am now and then shown to be fallibile.

Best wishes,
Mac. Gregory

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