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See "Salvaging the Russian Atomic Submarine Kursk"

Reading a bit about the Kursk submarine on your site and found some errors, number one all oscar class submarines project 949 and 949A all carry 24 SS-N-19 shipwrech anti ship cruise missiles at the time Kursk went down only 23 would have been on board due to her firing one earlier in the exercise.
The Oscar II submarines (project 949A) are larger than their Oscar I sisters mainly in size and wieght, submarines of Kursk design that is Oscar II displace 18,900 tonnes surfaced and 24,000 tonnes submerged.
These submarines were designed to engage and destroy any advancing battlegroup and the missiles were designed to sink super carriers such as the Nimitz class, the USN recently published a worrying report that Russian cruise missiles such as the ones Kursk had are more than 10 years ahead of anything in the west, the report goes onto say that this type of missile renders most anti missile systems obsolete.
The two main types of missile the USN was getting at was the SS-N-19 shipwreck and SS-N-22 sunburn, the most worrying thing is that India and China and even Iran and North Korea could opt for these missiles we know india and china already have.
I personally have been onboard many Russian submarines including a sister submarine to the Kursk.
among the submarines I have been on have been the world renown Akula class (attack submarines not the typhoons) the Victor class November class and even some diesels, ive studied the Russian navy in detail for the last 8 to 9 years as well as their weapon systems.
just some info that could be useful sir
Kind Regards
Blair "Kapitain" Shaw

Correction made.


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