Captain Brown, cutlery from Athenia

Mac have you heard of any cutlery making it off the Athenia? Is there a way or place that I can find out if my grand father Capt. James Brown of Vancouver, served at any time on the Athenia. Captain Brown went down in the mid Atlantic in 1943  he also served on the ss Bic Island. going through some old boxes we found a well used sugar spoon embossed with ss Athenia. Capt. Brown may of served as a steward on the ship earlier in his career. We are unsure. if you can guide me to a site where ship logs with persons listed as serving on the ship would be much appreciated.

The only piece from Athenia I have heard about is a dinner bell from the ship dated 1931, of course well before she was lost. To me it would seem doubtful that your Grandfather as a Captain would ever have served as a steward.

If he served in Athenia, I think it more likely he just souvenired a sugar spoon to recall his days in that ship. Details about the loss of SS Bis Island and of U-Boat U-224, are attached for your interest. 

29 October 1942,  U-224 torpedoes Canadian tanker Bic Island as it straggles from the convoy at 55°05'N, 23°27'E, and sinks her with all hands (including the 44 men rescued from U.S. tanker Gurney E. Newlin on 27 October 1942).

U-224 at Uboat.net

Merchant Seamen: Officers' Service Records 1845-1965 National Archives


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