British Hospital ship with the name Warilda, and torpedoed and sunk on 03-08-1918

Dec 11, 2011

Sunken Hospital ship
Good day Mac.
For more than 30 years I collect information about ships which are Sunk in the North Sea.

At this moment I research old Dutch newspapers and found an article in the newspaper Leeuwarder Courant from 06-08-1918 about a British Hospital ship with the name Narilda, and torpedoed and sunk on 03-08-1918.

In the newspaper article there was not any information where the Narilda was torpedoed. Other archives give no information about the ship. So I send the article from the newspaper. But maybe you can use that for your website.

Here a brief translation from Dutch:

Hospital ship torpedoed.
The British Admiralty announced:
The British hospital transportship Narilda is on route home torpedoed and sunk on 3 August 1918. Probably 128 people are drowned Several people are nurses. The ship did have more than 600 wounded people on board. More than 650 people are saved. The most of them only in nightwear and suffered from cold.

Two British torpedo boats which were supporting, fired a lot of Depth Charges.

The night was dark with a stiff breeze.

Arie de Lange

Hello Arie,

Thank you for your note, I think the name of this Australian Hospital Transport was Warilda, she was torpedoed in the North Sea at 50 degrees 12 minutes and 03 seconds N and 000 degrees 16 minutes 04 seconds W 

It was sunk by German U-Boat UC-49 on AUGUST 3, 1918 AND ABOUT 123 DIED.

Season's Greetings. 

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