Brent is interested in Count Felix von Luckner

Hello Brent,


I see that you have contacted the von Luckner Society in Halle Germany. On my web site: http://ahoy.tk-jk.net


you will find a section devoted to the Count, here is the URL: http://ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/CountFelixvonLucknerIndex.html and all the E-Mails that we get from around the world commenting on his life or asking some question about him. He was certainly an unique character, the lik es of which would seem unlikely to ever be repeated. Terry Kearns in Atlanta, Georgia is my Web Master who keeps the site ticking over, after I have done the research and written about a specific subject, he also baby sits the site on the Count for his society in Germany.


If we can help in any way with your proposed project please ask us.


With best wishes from the US and Oz.


Mac. Gregory.




Thanks Mac,

Your site has been very useful to me. I gained some interesting new perspectives that differed from the Count’s own, eg relating to his capture in Fiji. I will certainly keep you in touch with any progress I make.

Below is my reply to Matthias Maurer.

Kind regards,

Brent Leslie


Thankyou Matthias,

It’s interesting to know there is still such interest in the Count.  My documentary is no more than an idea at this stage but the information I’ve gained from your website and from Mac Gregory has made it much more viable. I will certainly keep you up to date with any progress.

Re the film, I may be wrong but I thought in Lowell Thomas’s “The Sea Devil” or somewhere, there was a mention of a movie made on the Count’s life, I think called “The Sea Devil.” I  could be wrong -  it is at least 10 years since I read the book, but I have ordered it from the library and will have another look. I have also requested Prof. Bade’s book. He could be a very useful source for me.

There were some photos you may not know about printed in “The Weekly News” at the time of the crew of the Moa and some of von Luckner and Carl Kerchiess. They were reprinted a few years ago in a compilation of old Weekly News stories.

Would it be possible for you to give me a brief rundown of what was in the “This Is Your Life” programme? For instance was there any film of von Luckner during his World War I days etc?

I will check with the New Zealand film archive and see if they have anything from his visits here.

Kind regards,

Brent Leslie  

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