Book enscribed by the Count von Luckner to my fathers' aunt's sister

Dear Mr. Gregory,
my family had a book entitled "count felix von luckner, the sea devil" written in english that had been enscribed by the count to my fathers' aunts sister i believe, who was german. i remember reading it back in the early sixties.
i was recently reminded of von luckner, as i have been reading john keegans' "intelligence in war" and his references to a von muller, captain of the "emden" who it seems, took aboard captives before sinking their ships, not unlike the sea devil.  somehow this topic came up for discussion with my teenage daughter, and when searching google for von luckner, your site came up. all the pictures you have of him i remember from the book. sadly, the book was destroyed by my estranged wife some years ago. my mom knows a bit more and i will speak with her in the coming week about what she remembers from speaking to my fathers aunt,  your comments regarding von luckners exploits, and the level of interest generated by his life are not a suprise considering the meritorius conduct exhibited by him throughout his long distinguished career.
if i find out anything more i will be happy to forward the information to you. thank you for providing a glimpse into the past.



Thank you for your comments.

The Count, even at this distance in time, continues to draw many comments from people around this world of ours who happen to find Ahoy, and what I have written about him.

Our site, is a joint effort by my Web Master, Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, who puts up on Ahoy all of my scriblings, without his able help the site woul not exist.

Should you Mother be able to add to our knowledge of the Sea Devil, we would be delighed if you would share it with us.

Best wishes from Terry and myself, your contact is appreciated.

Mac. Gregory.

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