Blaine Pardoe is researching Count Felix Von Luckner's 1938 tour for a book

Terry and Mac,

Your web site is outstanding.  Thank you very much for your efforts -- especially in the research of Count Felix Von Luckner.

I have signed a contract with a major publisher here in the US to do a book on Von Luckner which will be out next spring.  I saw a letter on your site that intrigued me -- the one from Keith Mickle dealing with Von Luckner's 1938 tour.  By any chance can you put me in contact with him via e-mail?

I have been researching in the US National Archives and have unearthed a wealth of new data on Von Luckner and the crew of the Seeadler -- as well as his exploits in later life.  I look forward to sharing this information  with your readers as well.

Thanks again!

Blaine Pardoe


Thank you for your comments, we are always pleased to have feedback, especially if something has proven useful such as von Luckner. Indeed he was a remarkable character, and only one of a kind, I am sure.

Interesting you are about to embark on writing a book on his life and exploits, please let me know when it does finally see the light of day, as I would want to get myself a copy of your labours.

I have not kept the E-Mail address of Keith Mickle unfortunately, but he did move from New Zealand to our Gold Coast area here in Queensland, I am trying to find his address from the Telephone white pages published in Australia, if I find it, I will call him from Melbourne, ask for his E-Mail, pass it on to you, and also inform Keith that you may wish to contact him.

Good luck with your proposed project.

Mac. Gregory.

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