Bill was a young 20 year old sailor on the river class frigate HMS Mourne

Greetings Mac.

I had the pleasure of interviewing an old veteran and getting his story down.

Bill was a young 20 year old sailor on the river class frigate HMS Mourne. A loader on one of the 20mm guns located outside the bridge.

He tells me the killer torpedo approached from the port side, went under the propellers and turned and slammed into the starboard side, hitting about midship.

Exploding the magazine and nearly blowing the ship in half. Bill was blown off his gun and hit the water, breaking both legs. He came to the surface to see the ship upright in the water and the stern going down. He recons it went down in less than a minute.

He is still alive, lives in Clive, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Hope this is helpful. I have his story if anyone is interested. Is the one survivor from the Uboat still alive ?

David Russell

Hello David,

Thank you for that, may I have the story of Bill please? With his approval we will add it to our pieces about HMS Mourne on AHOY.

Yes, Walter Schmietenknop, the sole survivor from the German U-Boat U-767 is still going strong in Vancouver, Canada.

All the best for  Christmas.


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