Bernice Jansen, missionary on Athenia

October 10, 2009

Dear Mac,

Ahoy is such a wonderful website, as you surely know. Thank you for all that hard, useful, work. Thousands must
be grateful to you.

Could you please put me in touch with one of your corespondents, Christy Velasco, who wrote to you about
Bernice Jansen on the Athenia in WW2?

For my book forthcoming book on women on the wartime seas ( Yale University Press) I have a chapter on missionaries who sailed and would love to include Bernice Jansen, and would like to ask Christy what Bernice Jansen  made of the voyage.

May I also say how useful I found the items about the Anglia nurses and Judith Evelyn, passenger on the Athenia.
I really appreciate you and Terry taking the trouble to upload all this material, so accessibly.

kindest wishes and heartfelt thanks,
Dr Jo Stanley UK. 


Could you please respond to Jo Stanley in UK about Bernice Jansen?

I never give out my correspondent's details without their permission.

Best wishes, 

Hello Jo,

Thanks from both from Terry and myself for your very nice comments about AHOY, It is an e-mail like yours that spurs us on to continue our work that we hope will reach across time and space, and ring a few bells for people out there.

I have asked Christy to get in touch with you directly as a matter of policy I never give out any correspondent's
details without their approval.

Please let me know when you publish your book with a most interesting subject matter, I would also like to note it
on AHOY in due course, as  well as getting a copy.

Kindest regards,

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