Beechwood bowl that had a small plaque inscribed “From the Officers and Men of HMA Submarine J2

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Read with interest your information on the J2. I was trying to find out the history of this ship because by chance I bought a nice beechwood bowl at a local op-shop a few years ago that had a small plaque inscribed “From the Officers and Men of HMA Submarine J2”. No mention as to who it was presented but as I live in Devonport, Tasmania, from your history it could most probably have been gifted during the ship’s visit to Hobart or Burnie in 1921. I would like to think it was to the Governor and Lady Allardice after their trip on board but most probably to the now City of Burnie Council on the occasion of the ship visiting there on its return voyage to the mainland. Whatever the occasion, this bowl will be kept as a historic piece with more than casual interest.

Again, thanks for your informative page.

Malcolm Reid OAM


Thank you for the information about a bowl emanating from J-2.

If you could send me a photo of your trophy please, we will add it to our J-2 site on AHOY, so a wider audience may also enjoy your beechwood bowl. I never know what may turn up as a result of something I have written about for AHOY.

It is one of my joys about the Internet, when it brings forth a letter such as yours.

Best wishes and thanks again.


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