Athenia was built in Glasgow

June 24, 2010


My name is Carol Foreman and I write books about Glasgow. I am in the process of writing one named
SCOTTISH SHIPPING FIRSTS and am including the Athenia as she was the first ship bombed during the war and of course she was built in Glasgow.

During my research into her sinking I came across your interesting website and I wondered if you had a
photograph of the ship as believe it or not I have had difficulty in finding a decent one, disgraceful
considering the Glasgow connection. I have found one postcard image but it is not every good. Anything, a photograph, postcard or poster image would be great.

If you can find something and let me use them I would give you full credit for it. If you are able to help
me the image or images would need to be of a resolution of 300.

I hope you don't think I'm being presumptious, but if you could help I would be really grateful.



Athenia was not bombed, but sunk by a torpedo emanating from  German U-Boat, U-30.

The 13,465-ton Donaldson Atlantic passenger liner
was en route from the United Kingdom to Canada
when she was torpedoed by the submarine U-30 on
the evening of September 3rd, 1939, just a few
hours after Britain had declared war on Germany.
Between 112 and 118 people (accounts vary), many
of them women and children, lost their lives as a
result of the attack. One of the dead was Canada's
first Merchant Marine casualty of the war,
Stewardess Hannah Baird of Verdun, Quebec.     


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