Athenia pillow

September 11, 2011

Dear Margo,

My e-Mail will no doubt be a surprise after all this time, but the attached mail  from a fellow Canadian is self explanatory.

If you are interested in getting this pillow ex the Athenia please contact Darrell directly.


It was interesting reading Margo Farnsworth's letter about her relatives who survived the torpedoing of the Athenia and the memorabilia she had. (see "Elizabeth and Margaret Orr, survivors of Athenia")

I live in Red Deer which is about 150 km away from Calgary and have a pillow from the Athenia which she might like to have. I got it from relatives who emigrated to Canada from Scotland and it has been sitting in a trunk for decades. I am not Looking to sell but rather looking for a good home for it.

Can you give me her E-mail address or forward my e-mail to her? Should she not be interested, is there someone else you know who might be? The pillow is in great shape and it Would be a shame for it to be discarded after surviving
this long.

Darrell Nordby

Kndest regartds,


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