Athenia passenger list 1927?

Hello from Canada,  Just came across your site and was wondering if you might be able to tell me how to gain access to information on the passenger list for the "Athenia" on the June  1927 voyage from Scotland.  My In-Laws, James and Jane Robertson were aboard with their three young children, Jean, Richard and baby James.  They landed in Quebec, Canada and settled in the province of New Brunswick.. A cousin of James was also aboard. His name escapes the family members that still survive and we would like to have the list, as going through the list would probably jog the memory.  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Dolores Robertson

I am sorry but I have not been able to find a passenger list for Athenia, all I have uncovered is
1. A list of the crew members who died, and
2. A list of the 64 passengers who died.
Sorry I am not of any help to you.
Mac. Gregory.

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