Athenia Survivors: Doris MacLeod, Betty Jean MacLeod, Dorothy MacLeod, John Charles MacLeod

October 16, 2009
Subject: Athenia surviors


I just found your website and wanted to let you know that my mother, grandmother, aunt and uncle were survivors of Athenia. My mother and grandmother have died but my aunt and uncle are still alive. They
never talk about their experiences but my grandmother had a newspaper picture of them coming off the Knute Nelsen. My uncle was rescued by another ship. There names are:

Doris MacLeod
Betty Jean MacLeod
Dorothy MacLeod
John Charles MacLeod

I would love to see that picture again. Having read many articles on the internet I now understand the fears my mother had.

Thanks for your work.

Mary Bupp


Thank you for your mail, I am suprised at the number of Athenia survivors that are still alive.

Which of the four MacLeods are your Aunt and Uncle and are fortunately still with us?

Knute Nelson Tanker
Knute Nelson



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