Athenia Survivor Mary McLeod

October 11, 2012


Once again I am seeking any assistance you may be able to provide.

Have you ever come across a Mrs. McLeod who was a stewardess on board at the time of the sinking. She was in the lifeboat (,with my Grandmother), was caught in the propeller of the Knute Nelson.

I met the lady about Nov/Dec 1939 when she visited my parents. I also came across recently two negatives which she sent to my parents in Dec.1939. They include my Grandmother and, perhaps, Mrs. Mcleod.

I would be most gratefull for any information which you may have and would pass on the picture mentioned above.

Thanks again Mac
Bill Thomson


Mrs McLeod is listed here:

Injured List from Athenia who were admitted to Western Infirmary Glasgow. See "Survivors from Athenia rescued by Royal Navy destroyers, Escort, Electra and Fame, and landed at Gourock on the Clyde, Scotland."

The fact that these Survivors from Athenia were landed in Scotland indicates they were rescued by one of the three British Destroyers, HM ships, Electra, Escort or Fame.

And can be added to the few names we have listed on AHOY of the survivors who were transported to Gourock Scotland.

Rose Griffin - Toronto, Canada
Avelyn Moore - Regina, Canada.
Helen Dougan - Detroit, Mitchigan.
Catherine Sage - Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mildred Finley - Windsor, Connecticut.
Mabel Paul - Glasgow.
Helena Warden - Vancouver, B C .
Arch Campbell - Seaman, Dunoon, Scotland.
William White - Assistant Cook, Glasgow.
Douglas Douglas - Fort Lamont, Loch Striven, Scotland.
John Brorgn - Steward, Glasgow.
Helen De Witt- Smith - Blainfield, New Jersey, USA.
Dorothy Moore - Halifax.
Michael Flynn - Grange County New York.
Angus Graham - Glasgow.
William Edmond - Toronto, Canada.
Eileen Redgers - Toronto, Canada.
Harriet Redgers - Toronto, Canada.
Rose Badal - USA.
Elizabeth Day - Saltburn, Yorkshire.
Catherine Edmond - Toronto, Canada.
Irene Gray - Toronto, Canada.
Mary Mc Leod - Stewardess, Glasgow.
Helen Hannay - Glasgow and Texas.
See "Mary (Fraser) Donald, Heather (Donald) Watts survived sinking of Athenia"
Kathleen Ferguson - Copper Cliff, Ontario.

Best regards,



Thanks once again. You are truly amazing,after so many years you can still provide information. Surely the number of people seeking information on the Athenia must be diminishing.

I will place a blurb on the website regarding the pictures I have and see if any one is interested.

Thanks again

Bill T


Pleased to be of some service,

I am still surprised at the level of interest still shown about the loss of Athenia.

Could you please send me copies of your 2 photos and we will add them to our Athenia Pages on AHOY for the general interest of visitors who visit that segment of AHOY.

Thank you Bill.

Best of wishes,


I am Attaching the two photos in question. The two negatives were found in my Mother’s papers in an envelope postmarked, West Kensington,Dec. 6,7:45 pm 1939.

See orginal Photo 1

In photo #1 (See orginal Photo 1) my Grandmother is front and centre.I have absolutely no idea who the two gentlemen are.I have made the assumption that one of the two ladies to my Grandmothers right is Mary McLeod. I can recall her visiting us in Dec. 1939 to speak to my mother about my Grandmother.

See orginal Photo 2

In Photo #2 the ladies are in the same positions. I have nothing to support my supposition as to who Mary McLeod is in the photos except the memory of a 10 year old who was fascinated with the story of the sinking and the distress of the lady who visited us.

Should anyone show any interest they are more than welcome to copies of the photos and if they can identify the people so much the better if they let me know.

See orginal Montreal Daily Star

I have also enclosed a copy of the Montreal Daily Star with an article on Hannah.while she is constantly referred to as Canada’s first casualty she would have been travelling with a British passport as Canada did not issue their own passports until 1947/48

Reference is made in the article to the City of Benares, I was scheduled to be evacuated on that ship however my mother, after losing my Grandmother withdrew my name.

hope some of this is usefull

Cheers once again
Bill T

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