Athenia & Electra's arrival date in Greenock

Hello again Mac,

I have just read the account by AB Jack Taylor who was on HMS Electra when she picked up Athenia survivors, including me, my mother, sister and brother.

Jack in his second-last paragraph indicates that Electra arrived back in Greenock on 7th September 1939.

Perhaps you could check that date with him again as my mother wrote to my father in Brazil from More's Hotel in Glasgow on 5th September. See first page attached.

I was contacted last week by Nacressa Swan, a researcher for Darlow Smithson Productions of London, England. Her firm are producing a video for BBC on the Battle of the Atlantic and I believe she has already contacted you. I was asked to tell her my story and did so.

Glad to see you are adding to your "Athenia" pages. Well done...!!!

p.s. Would you have Jack Taylor's email address as I'd love to ask him if he remembers Leading Torpedoman Jack Phelan who was so kind to my mother?


Hello Phil,

Good to hear from you again.

Jack has obviously got his day of arrival at Grennock wrong, he does write about the 7th. It would not have taken 4 days to get from the Athenia sinking site to Scotland, and a 2 day run would be more like it. Besides, your Mother's letter fixes the date without question.

I am sorry, I do not still have Jack's email address, there are about 800 in my address book, and it gets cleaned out now and then, and I am afraid his has gone.

Yes, I did hear from Nacressa.

All the best,

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