Arthur Richard Reading, survived the sinking of HMS Springbank

February 05, 2010
Subject: HMS Springbank

Hi there from SE England.

One of your correspondents Tom Ripley posted a letter about his father's wartime service on HMS Springbank.

Could you very kindly pass onto him that my father, sadly now deceased, Arthur Richard Reading also was on the ship when she was torpedoed and sank. He was one of the naval gunners. He was in the Merchant Marine before the war. At the start of the war he was converted over to the RN.

My Dad survived the sinking of Springbank and lived to fight another day, seeing out the war and coming home to his wife.

My Dad suffered two sinkings to U-boats. Being in the sea and taking in oil fuel had a lasting effect on his lungs. Nevertheless he lived into his early 80's.

If Tom would like to get in touch best he uses
Michael Reading

Dear Tom,

This E mail is self evident, would you care to contact Michael directly?



I have passed your message on to Tom and trust he gets in touch.


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