Arthur J Dickson survived Saranac, steamer tanker torpedoed 25/06/1940

October 16, 2009

Dear Mac

My mother and sister are trying to trace my late father’s place of birth as he was in a home for "poor children" from birth.

Reading one of your web site letters from a Ms Carolyn Magee in connection with the steam tanker "Saranac" which was torpedoed on 25th June 1940, luckily only with ballast.

My mother first met my father in his late teenage years, including when he was in the merchant navy serving on the steam tanker “Saranac” he was 19, and on the tanker when it was torpedoed.

My mother still has a letter from one of the crew -officers who was in the open boat with him, thanking my father for being one of the crew during those four days at sea, and he went on to say; when everyone was down in spirits, thirsty, hungry, wet and cold, my fathers outlook on life and his attitude of high sprits during those four days at sea in that open boat, helped pull everyone through until they were rescued.

When they were rescued they were taken to southern Ireland.

Adrian Dickson

The late: Arthur J Dickson
Carolyn Magee

Kind regards 
Adrian Dickson


Seranac from uboat.net

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