Arthur Davidson from Grimsby, skipper of HMS Lord Nuffield (Trawler)

Dear Sir,

Do you have any information regarding the above {HMS Lord Nuffield (Trawler)] I am given to understand by my elderly relatives that my uncle Arthur Davidson from Grimsby was possibly skipper of the vessel during WWII and that he was killed in action off Gibraltar.I have found a little info from the archives but no crew lists.

She apparently sank a Italian Submarine 10Nov 1942

They also said he was awarded a decoration?

thank you John Goodwin Grimsby

I cannot find any crew lists or evidence of any decoration for your Uncle, but the sinking of an enemy submarine usually resulted in the Captain being awared a decoration,  
usually a Distinguished Service Cross.

10th. November 1942:

In addition to the Atlantic approaches to Gibraltar, a large number of German and Italian submarines were concentrated in the Western Mediterranean to attack the 'Torch' follow-up convoys. Transports and escorting warships were sunk and damaged, but losses were never great, and seven Axis submarines (1-7) were sunk in exchange. On the 10th, destroyer "MARTIN" was sunk by "U-431" off Algiers and Italian submarine "EMO" (1) scuttled after an attack by armed trawler "Lord Nuffield" .

Here is your Uncle, ARTHUR DAVIDSON's, Certificate from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's site


Dear Sir,

Many thanks for your reply, it will be most helpful. could you tell where the Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery is located.

regards John Goodwin


Its in Algeria.

Dely Ibrahim War Cemetery contains 494 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War and 11 war graves of other nationalities. There are also 25 non-war graves, mostly of merchant seamen whose deaths were not due to war service.


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