Ambulance member who went down with the Centaur

(See "Australian Hospital ship Centaur Torpedoed by Japanese Submarine")

Hi Mac,   My name is Barry O'Neill and I am the grandson of one of the Ambulance members who went down with the Centaur. I have just finished reading your fantastic article and would really appreciate it if you could keep me informed on any future articles or research done into the sinking.
Kind regards, 
Barry O'Neill


Thank you for your very kind words about my article on Centaur. AHOY is a combined work by my Web Master, Terry Kearns in Atlanta Georgia, and my scribblings and research. Without Terry's expertise and dedication, the site would not exist, we like to think our joint efforts achieve a good result.

It is nice to have some positive feed back, it makes it all worth while.

I have always been suprised that we have not been able to yet find the final resting place of Centaur off our Queensland coast.

It was a black day when that Japanese Submarine decided to torpedo a helpless Hospital Ship, very obviously marked as such, and we may never know where she lies.

Should I discover further material concerning her, I will of course get back to you Barry.

Best regards, and wishes for Christmas and 2006.


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