Albert Ransome, my father, HMS Voltaire

January 15, 2013

Dear Mr Gregory

Please could you kindly let me have the email address of Sue Plant who contacted yourself on 14th Nov 2012  about a letter sent by my father to her grandmother about her uncle Stanley John Oliver who was unfortunately
killed in HMS Voltaire in April 1941.

See "HMS Voltaire, Stanley J. Oliver, poignant letter to his mother from Bill Ransome"

have contacted yourself back in Oct 2008 about my father when you told me about the book Sailors in Cages.

See "Albert Ransome survived the Voltaire sinking and spent the remaining war years in a prison camp in Germany"

Thankyou in anticipation 

Yours sincerely
Bill Ransome 


Could you please contact Bill Ransome directly, I never give out the email address of my correspondents.





Dear Mac,

Thanks a lot for getting Sue Plant to contact me regarding the letter my dad sent to her grandmother about the death of Stanley S Oliver aboard Voltaire. I now have a copy and find it very moving to see my dad's letter as do my other remaining siblings.

Thanks again, greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Bill Ransome

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