Aknowledging the quotes from John Stone, and other paraphrasing of Craig Allen's script, from the ABC Stateline, ABC News Canberra in our story about the sinking of Iron Knight

Hi there,

I noted with interest your coverage on your website of the story of the Iron Knight, the merchant marine ship sunk by the Japanese submarine I-21 off Bermagui.

I was the journalist who broke the story, through the extended half-hour special on the ABC's Stateline program.  It was a great story to work on, and through it I met the wonderful John Stone, who was then the final survivor of the disaster (he himself has since died).

The ABC is always happy for its work to be quoted, but it should always be appropriately acknowledged.  Could you please acknowledge on your website that the quotes you've used from John Stone, and other paraphrasing of my script, were from the ABC Stateline story?  As I say, I'm more than happy for my work to be used - particularly by those who have a genuine interest in the subject matter - but with appropriate acknowledgment.

With every best wish,

Craig Allen
ABC News Canberra

Thank you for your email, I was of course very remiss not to acknowledge your great coverage about John Stone and his ship Iron Knight, and apologise accordingly.

We will remedy that fact at our URL: http://www.ahoy.tk-jk.net/macslog/IronKnightsunkbyJapaneseS.html

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