Adm Ortoli, former CO of FSS SURCOUF (1940 – 1941)

Good evening, Sir,

I am the son of Adm Ortoli, former CO of FSS SURCOUF (1940 – 1941). Before his passing in 1979, my father was corresponding with Capt Julius Grigore (USN) about SURCOUF.I am investigating my father’s archives and I am deeply interested by their exchanges. It seems that you are in touch with Capt Grigore. Could you send me his mail address, or any of his relatives ??

Thank you.
Valère Ortoli


No I have never been in touch with Captain Grigore, it was a correspomdent Robert F.Marble who wrote to me, saying he had received some crew figures for Surcouf from Julius Grigore who lived 12 miles away from him at Venice in Florida.

I will pass your message on to Robert, and ask him to contact you, assuming he still has the same email address.

Do you have any theories about the loss of that quite unique Submarine Surcouf?

I would love to hear from you.


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