A. E. Howell Seaman Coder served on Northern Spray

Hello Mackenzie.

Don't know if you can help, but I have been helping my neighbour (Glyn Howell) to do a bit of research, and we have come across your web pages.

You have a letter from Richard Downer regarding  his late father Capt FAJ Downer, and his time spent serving on Northern Spray.

Glyn has been writing an article on Convoy ONS 5, in which his cousin A.E.Howell Seaman Coder served on Northern Spray. (See "The Battle For Convoy ONS 5. 26th.April - 6th. May 1943.")

Glyn has photographs of his father and survivors, and naturally would like to make contact with Richard.
My question is simply, ...do you have an e-mail address or any contact details for Richard?. Please feel free to pass on my e-mail address to him if you wish.

Thanks for your help. 
Pete Lewis

Hello Pete,
Thanks for your message, I have asked Richard if he will contact you. Would Glyn share his photographs with AHOY, so we might add them to the article on ONS 5?

I am continually suprised how fragments continue to be uncovered that add another dimension to stories of the Battle of the Atlantic and other subjects about WW2 at sea.

Best wishes,
Mac. Gregory.


Hi Mac

Just got your e-mail. Sounds like you are as much into family history as Glyn is ! Always nice to hear of successes like that though.

I've attached a copy of Glyn's article in "Pembroke Life" I scannd the 3 pages as separate J-pegs as that was probably the easiest way to do it. Hope the images are OK.

If you have difficulty in copying the photos or whatever, let me know (although the originals on the second page are a bit blurred anyway), and I'll scan them at high res and send them by post.

Re the move to France....well we don't have as much space as you do , but it's certainly better than being in the UK. It's been a bit of a challenge though, as the old farmhouse was originally built in 1768 (Napoleon's time), and trying to keep it in character has been interesting to say the least. I'll sort out a couple of pics and send them off to you some  time.


See Glyn's article at the bottom of  "The Battle For Convoy ONS 5. 26th.April - 6th. May 1943"

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